My curveball wedding

Weddings are supposed to be perfect…so they say and most of them are but here is personal story about my curveball wedding.

2011 was dedicated to planning my wedding at the Sydney Opera House whilst running my PR agency; Magnet PR. We had a dream team of suppliers for our boutique styled wedding of 60 people with the ceremony held in the Northern Foyer and reception in the Utzon room. My dress was made by our client at the time, Sarah Janks and flowers where supplied by Susan Avery. I put together a candy bar myself with the help of my mother and my beautiful friend and incredible wedding planner; Anthony Del Col who helped make the day all come together. It was also an honor to have our cake made by Magnet’s long-standing client, the amazing Planet Cake. Our quirky celebrant was Elizabeth Trevan whom I just adore. Hair and make up I have to thank Simona Janek and last but not least documenting the day with photos, an incredible talent, Graham Monro from gm photographics.

There I was stressing over whether I should wear a veil or not a week before my wedding date, that the curveball came around and I found out I was pregnant. Totally unplanned, now I know why I was acting a little weird at my hen’s weekend, sorry about that ladies. As someone who was told by doctors I probably wouldn’t fall pregnant I was in total shock. I remember thinking, “hold on a minute, this is not how it normally happens, how could this be? Also, I just ordered $1000 worth of vintage Champagne and now I can’t drink it on my wedding day? Huh?” Those where my thoughts back then but now I am ever so thankful for my true wedding gift and realize nothing comes easy in this world - there is always sacrifice and I am happy my beautiful friends and family got to enjoy the Champagne.

On my actual wedding day I woke up with morning sickness and drove myself to acupuncture so I could try and not vomit on my beautiful bridal table arrangements. Thankfully it helped a lot.

I had no bridesmaids but a beautiful angel stepped in with a dress she made just for the occasion and with my beautiful mother, my husband to be’s niece and make up artist team I had an intimate and fun time getting ready for my wedding. That same angel (also an exceptional bridal dress designer) sat in the car with me holding my hand whilst I was frozen in fear driving to the Opera House; she was also my witness and is still to this day my dear friend. Why I was so nervous I will never know but I’m an Aquarian - a true free spirit with unconventional habits so this all felt quite conventional to me. Deep down I wanted to get married to my husband and one could say that the added curveball ‘gift’ pushed me down the aisle a bit more.

With eyes on me as I walked down the aisle, something I am not used to as for years I have made a career from putting others in the spotlight. As soon as I saw and held the hand of my husband to be and saw the boats on the Sydney harbour, nothing else seemed to matter but him and I in that moment. As soon as I saw my beautiful friend who was our celebrant and all those faces watching us witness our wedding it all started to come together.

I didn’t dance much or get up and socialize at the reception as the nausea due to my pregnancy crept in just to remind me not to drink that gorgeous Champagne but I remember my brother gave a great speech, our dear friend Shane did an incredible job as MC and my new husband did a superb job with his speech and socializing for the 2 of us. One nice moment was when I went to the bathroom, which was full of Opera House guests; as soon as they saw me in my dress they let me go in first – the power of a bride! When it was all over I fell into bed exhausted, I was always a girl who peeked at the party early. Looking back now, I realize how awesome it was that my little girl was present during our wedding day so it was all worth it. My amazing wedding planner friend who later died was also there on our day as he watches over me every day today. As where many family and friends who came from far away to share in our day, I say thank you to all of you for enjoying my curveball wedding, you and the memories of this special day are forever in my heart.

For all the ladies who are about to embark on the journey of marriage, I wish you all the best but remember to enjoy your day exactly as it is for it is a moment in time when everything is as it should be. If things don’t go as you had imagined on your day that is ok, everything is perfect so enjoy it for what is for one day 5 years later you will be looking back and telling your story as I just have. My curveball wedding.


Peace and love, Kim xo

The bride to be, waiting to go to the ceremony

The bride to be, waiting to go to the ceremony