Bridal Do’s and Don’ts by Maya Medispa

As seen in Vogue online….Bridal Do’s and Don’ts for beautiful skin on your wedding day!

Maya Bilalis from Maya Medispa soon to be new salon incorporating hair ‘Maya and John’ located in Sydney’s Woollahra shares her top 10 tips to prep your skin in the lead up to your wedding day or any other important occasion. Here they are:

  1. Plan ahead: Depending on the condition your skin is in, I recommend creating a skin regime plan 3-6 months before your actual wedding day and commit to having beautiful skin, it won’t work to start 1 week before.
  2. Overall Stress Management: Think about what best distresses’ you, whether its having treatments such as massage, a gym workout, yoga, going for a walk and commit to doing this as many times as you require to help give you that time out you need.
  3. Be body conscious: Think about the skin all-over your body not you’re your face. What kind of dress you are wearing on the day? If its backless then you may need to give your back a facial or your legs may need exfoliation and preparation if changing into a cocktail dress.
  4. Benefit from Massage: Massages not only relax and chill you out giving you time to collect your thoughts; they improve your blood circulation, toxin release and skin problems such as acne.
  5. Skin Hydration: Try buying some ‘Liquid Chlorophyll’ from your health food shop and drinking this to help cleanse your colon. For every coffee your drink, drink a glass of water as well on top of the 8 glasses one should drink per day to keep your skin hydrated.
  6. Eat Green Alkaline Foods: make sure your diet includes lots of crunchy greens to help improve skin’s health and appearance.
  7. Light treatments: speak to your beautician about committing to a course of light treatments combined with chemical peels or other treatments that stimulate cell removal in the lead up to your wedding. This will help tired/dull skin and lasts up to 100 days after your wedding so you look fabulous on your honeymoon as well.
  8. Use products that have AHA’s/DHA’s to refresh and renew your skin as well as products that contain some form of Antioxidants that fight free radicals to protect your skin, the most skin effective vitamins for perfect skin are Vitamin A/C/E and coffeeberry.
  9. Tanning: If planning a spray tan on your wedding day, test the tan a month before and note the best day after the application your skin looks best. Follow this for your actual day.
  10. Nails and Toes: use gel polish for your pedicure and nails prior to your wedding day as they will be harder wearing and last longer preventing chips on the big day!

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